ReloadSwiss RS 80

Technische Spezifikationen ReloadSwiss RS 80 Wiederladepulver und umfangreiche Ladedaten für dieses Pulver bzw. Treibladungsmittel
Produktnummer: PID_218
Hersteller-Nr.: RS 80
Produktinformationen "ReloadSwiss RS 80"
Designed especially for heavy-duty magnum cartridges, RS80 is ReloadSwiss' slowest burning powder. It was originally developed for .338 Lapua Mag., but works extremely well even with .50 cal. Browning rounds. Optimized for temperature behaviour, RS80 displays excellent pressure/velocity ratios in numerous calibers. Standard calibers .338 Lapua Mag.,  7 mm Rem. Mag.,  .50 Browning,

Relative Brisanz: 1 (0 ... langsam| 10 ... schnell) , 1 (1 ... langsam| 8 ... schnell)
Weapon Use: Büchse
Dichte: 99.88 lb/ft3 | 1600 kg/m3
Schüttdichte: 62.30 lb/ft3 | 998 kg/m3
Reload Swiss
Target shooters or hunters who demand absolute precision depend on ammunition they load themselves. The right propellant plays a key role among reloading components. Uniform quality and burn performance enable precise, highly repeatable hits – under the most varied weather conditions.
Reload Swiss RS®, the new brand from Nitrochemie, offers the perfect powder for perfect hits - thanks to pure Swiss-made precision!
The development and production of Reload Swiss RS® propellant powders are based on almost 100 years of experience of internationally renowned Nitrochemie Wimmis AG with high-performance powders.
Constant quality assurance from production to packaging ensures uniform fabrication quality for the most demanding shooters.
A high-performance distribution network throughout Europe provides for reliable availability.
Nitrochemie and its distribution partners are always at our customers’ service when it comes to sharing load data, tips and experience, so as to continually expand and spread the knowledge base of Reload Swiss RS® products.
Reload Swiss RS® products have already earned the confidence of some of the world’s top competitive shooters.

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