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Rottweil war lange Zeit nicht nur die Geburtsstätte der bis heute bekannten und beliebten Pulvermarke, sondern auch der Ort der Produktion. Im Jahr 1931 übernahmen Dynamit Nobel und später RUAG Ammotec die Marke Rottweil. Seit über 100 Jahren gibt der Hersteller von Rottweil sein Bestes, um Sie zu einem erfolgreichen Ergebnis zu führen. Sie vereinen über ein Jahrhundert an Erfahrung und innovativer Forschung in Ihren Produkten. Das Ergebnis - ob bei der Jagd oder als Sportschütze, das präzise und hochwertige Pulver spricht für sich.

Rottweil P 801

Herstellernummer: P801

This powder was used as a special powder forthe one that is becoming more and more popularSport cartridge .32 S&W long on the marketbrought and brings out most of thereGuns best precision. It's minorBurning slower than P 805 what itclassified in roughly the same area of ​​use: 6.35 mm and 7.65 mm,9 mm short, plus the Luger cartridges andespecially the .45 Auto are for P 801susceptible. There are also cartridgeslike the 9 x 18 mm Ultra and the old one.38 S&W. In the .38 Special, the P 801 impresseswith an excellent performance behindthe 9.6 g wad cutter. With one chargeof 0.205 grams, 260 m / s are achieved without exceeding the gas pressure specified for the .38 WC. in theSuggested loading range 0.170 to 0.205 g can be selected from the (no longer available)aimed sport pistols excellentlyshooting charges are determined.The Rottweil P 801 is also a veryeconomical powder. With three powder cans each holding 300 g, 10,000Cartridges .32 S & W long wadcutter can be reloaded.
Rottweil P 804

Herstellernummer: P804

The powder is not just in the 9 mmLuger, where it is "at home" in itself,used excellently, but in moreother short cartridges than appearances suggest. So it is in the7.65mm Para, the 7.63mm Mauser, the9 mm short and the 9 x 18 Ultra can be foundbrings out the latter behind a 8.1 gLead bullet even approximates the performance of a 9 mm Luger. Besides that, toleratesit deals with the .45 ACP and comes itselfin the larger revolver cartridges forScope where it is good for slightly reducedLoads can be loaded. For manyReloaders unknown, however, are likely to beThe fact is that the .32 S&Wlong and pronounced the .38 specialrespond happily to P 804: the latterCartridge brings P 804 behind the 10.2 gShot the maximum performanceand in the .32 S&W long it can be as"Pistol powder" also known P 804come up with the best performance, at leastbehind the round head bullets.Because of the specific propertiesof the powder, however, one is sufficientFixed sleeve lock in the form of a pinch required: in the volume-largeRevolver cartridge case must therebya sufficiently strong dammingbe sure to get a fullEnsure powder burn-off. ln the casethe .32 S&W long even requires the use of the 404 7 primer.The P 804 comes in canisters of 300 goffered. With the contents of a canisteralmost 1,000 cartridges 9 mmLuger loaded.
Rottweil P 805

Herstellernummer: P805

This is the most offensive powder in the P-seriesand comes in the cartridge .38 Special andused in many other pistols and revolver cartridges, e.g. B. 6.35 mm,7.65 mm, .32 S & W, .32 S & W long,.38 S & W, .45 AUTO etc. It drawsis characterized by the fact that it is already at verydelivers small loads of power. More idealArea of ​​application is the determination andManufacture of disk charges for the.38 Special with the wadcutter bullet.With a little sensitivity, you canwith P 805 in the larger sleeves forRevolver find good-firing practice charges. Not that suitable, howeverwhen using lead bullets andlight jacket bullets after allpossible, the powder is for the caliber7.65mm Para and 9mm Luger. TheThe explanations in the individual cartridge descriptions take this into account. Where the powder is not listed in the loading table, contact theInvestigative shots proved suitable, however, is the recommended summons in theText part of the cartridge description given. This also applies to the othersPowder. Rottweil P 805 comes in canistersDelivered to 250 g. It's because of himoffensive properties a very economical powder: one can is enough for almost1300 loads .38 Special Wadcutteror for 2800 cartridges 6.35 mm.
Rottweil P 806

Herstellernummer: P806

This is a lazy short cartridge powder andto a certain extent usable as a sharp canned powder. Rottweil P 806 burns more slowly than any other Rottweil"P" powder and must be used to achieve goodPower can already be used in relatively high loading densities. In contrast tothe other P powders, which are designed as noodle powder, have the P 806like the much slower burning Rollweil powder of the "R" seriesso-called "1-hole" shape. Main area of application for P 806are the large-volume revolver cartridges from .38 Special to .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, .44 Special to .44Magnum. In the case of rifle cartridges, the P806 e.g. B. found in the .30 M1-Carbine and in the 8.15 x 46 R. It comes in canistersoffered at 350 g. With the content of asuch canisters can be z. B. almost450 cartridges .357 Magnum loaded.
Rottweil R 901 Wiederlader Pulver
Rottweil R 901

Herstellernummer: R901

Offensive powder, e.g. for the .222 Rem. 5.6 x 50 (R) Magnum cartridges. This powder is primarily suitable for small capacity cases when light bullets are used. In addition, it is also suitable for producing reduced loads with light to medium weight bullets.
Rottweil R 901 Wiederlader Pulver
Rottweil R 902

Herstellernummer: R902

This powder burns slower than the R 901 and is therefore suitable for many types of cases ranging from the .222 Rem. to the 9.3 x 74 R. It is generally considered to be suitable for medium cases and light to medium-weight bullets as well as for short barrels.
Rottweil R 903 Wiederlader Pulver
Rottweil R 903

Herstellernummer: R903

This is the universal powder for all medium-sized ri?e cartridges and bullets of normal weight. It is suitable for calibres ranging from 5.6 x 50 to 9.3 x 74 R. Decisive for the universality of R 903 is not only its adoptability to many different types of case forms, but also its ?exibility in terms of the ignition, which still leads to uniform and complete burn-up of the powder even when the load has a low density.
Rottweil R 904 Wiederlader Pulver
Rottweil R 904

Herstellernummer: R904

This powder burns more slowly than the R 907 and can possibly cause weaker gas pressure in suitable cases while at the same time exhibiting the same performance. In comparison to the next slower R 905 Powder, the extremely progressive powder, the R 904 has the advantage of requiring less volume. Thus, if the case volume is limited, better performance can be achieved.
Rottweil R 905 Wiederlader Pulver
Rottweil R 905

Herstellernummer: R905

This is the most progressive powder in the product range and is particularly well suited for loading large volume high-performance cartridges when heavy bullets are to be shot from long barrels. The range of application extends from 5.6 x 57 to 8 x 68 S and other Magnum cartridges.
Rottweil R 907 Wiederlader Pulver
Rottweil R 907

Herstellernummer: R907

In terms of its burn-up rate, the R 907 is between the R 903 and the R 904. It ?lls the relatively large void between the two types of powder. Load data has been recorded for several different calibres. It appears to be particularly well suited for 8 mm cartridges (.318 diameter).